Indira Gandhi National Open University – IGNOU at Madurai


Convergence Programmes are part of the Indira Gandhi National Open University – IGNOU Schemes targeting the student community already enrolled in regular modes of study. It helps them to fruitfully use their extra time and energy to acquire an additional certificate / Diploma of their own choice simultaneously, which would help them to gain extra potential in their job pursuits. CSI Group of Colleges (CSI Arts and Science College, CSI College of Education and CSI College of Nursing have been recognized as partner institutions for convergence Programme.

The courses offered in the following study centers are :

IGNOU Madurai Study Centers are :



Partnership Institution


The Indira Gandhi National Open University – IGNOU was established by an Act of Parliament in 1985. IGNOU Degrees / Diplomas / Certificates are recognized by all the member institutions of the Association of Indian Universities – AIU and at par with Degrees / Diplomas / Certificates of all Indian Universities / Deemed Universities / Institutions.


Its Objectives are :

  • Democratizing higher education by taking it to the doorsteps of the learners.
  • Providing access to high quality education to all those who seek it irrespective of age, region, religion and gender.
  • Offering need-based academic programmes by giving professional and vocational orientation to the courses.
  • Promoting and developing distance education in India.
  • Setting and maintaining standards in distance education in the country as an apex body.

Course Preparation

Learning material is specially prepared by teams of experts drawn from different Universities and specialized Institutions in the area throughout the country. Similarly audio and video cassettes are produced in consultation with the course writers.


Credit System

The University follows the Credit System for its programmes. Each credit in the system is equivalent to 30 hours of student study comprising all learning activities such as reading and comprehending the print materials, listening to audio, watching video, attending counseling sessions, teleconference and writing assignment responses. Completion of an academic programme requires successful completion of the assignments, practical projects and the term-end examination of each course in a programme.


Support Services

It is provided by the center. The contact classes will be handled by our own faculty and experts drawn from the field of specialization. The students can avail all the facilities of the institution like library, Laboratory, Web surfing, Computers etc.,


Programme Delivery

Most of the Instructions are imparted through distance education methodology and face -to-face mode as per the requirement.


Evaluation System

It differs from conventional evaluation systems. It follows as multi-tire system as

  1. Self-assessment exercise within each unit of study.
  2. Continuous evaluation mainly through assignments which are tutor marked, practical assignments and seminar / workshops / extended contact programmes.
  3. The term-end examinations.
  4. Project works.

Term-end Examinations

The university conducts Term-end Examination twice an year in the months of June and December. Students will be permitted to appear for the term-end examinations subject to conditions already mentioned.

Examination fee of Rs.50/- per course is required to be paid at the stipulated time in the study centers and late payment will earn penalty.


Partnership Programmes

With IGNOU, the CSI Colleges, Madurai have been functioning as partnership Institutions in offering IGNOU Courses at Madurai.

Appropriate subjects are selected by Institutions based on their faculty and infrastructural facilities available. These courses are offered at Certificate or Diploma level with the fees prescribed by IGNOU. The socially and academically relevant programmes can be selected by the students according to their needs and interest. It is a convergence of Open and Conventional Educational Systems for the benefit of students who enroll in the Partnership Institutions.


Centers of Partnership

CSI Colleges of DM and R are the partners in the programme. According to the resources available, the courses are offered for easy access to the students during their free time and weekends. The classes will be conducted considering the convenience of Teacher and Students. The free time and space available will be used for the betterment of students and success depends on mutual commitment of staff and students. Dual degree is belieced to empower the students and offer facility to avoid waste of time and energy of the youth. Similarly Teachers with willing heart and mind take this opportunities in the CSI Colleges Madurai to serve the student community with commitment and services.


Empowerment for Employment

A student of B.Ed in addition can acquire a certificate in Functional English CFE and Certificate in Computing – CIC in the same academic year and he will definitely at better position in the job market. Similarly a graduate with PG Diploma in Operation Management or Certificate in Business Skill will have advantage in placement. Student of Nursing with Diploma in Nursing administration – DNA or a Certificate in Laboratory Techniques will find easy access to a job. Thus the programmes are designed to empower those who are willing to take extra pain and work.


Free Time and Extra Energy

These two are the strength and weakness of a student unless properly channelized by the system. We do the process to harvest their potentials in sharpening their ability to their advantage. Utilization of better opportunities available at the doorsteps will enhance ones total personality over their peers.

Its a right place, to make a right choice.

The courses offered in the following study centers are :



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